Maria-Pia Hope wins the Swedish Bar Association’s award for outstanding work within the legal profession

October 25, 2019 About the firm

For the eighth year in a row, the Swedish Bar Association has issued the award for outstanding achievements within the legal profession. In 2019, the award goes to Maria-Pia Hope, Managing Partner at Advokatfirman Vinge.

Maria-Pia Hope has today, 24 October, received the award from the Secretary General of the Bar Association, Mia Edwall Insulander, during the Lawyer Days at the Grand Hotel. Innovation, courage, leadership and a strong commitment to gender issues are specifically highlighted by the Bar Association in its nomination:

”This year’s winner has received the award for her outstanding achievements within the legal profession by combining professional skills as a lawyer with leadership and equality work. This year’s attorney has contributed to develop one of the country’s largest law firms and has done so with wisdom, innovation, courage and infectious commitment to the legal profession.”

Maria-Pia Hope comments on the receipt of the award:

”I am very happy and grateful to receive the award, and especially to get it as the Managing Partner of Vinge. It has been a great privilege to devote myself to leadership during a time of significant challenges within the legal industry as regards everything from globalization and digitalization to increasing competition for talented individuals and the struggle to bring more women into our important profession. Business lawyers have a significant role in assisting in maintaining laws and regulations, and at the same time being part of developing the law. I am particularly glad that the success which I am a part of is based on a team effort. In almost everything I have done as a lawyer, I have been part of excellent teams, which makes the work so much more enjoyable.”

Maria-Pia’s commitment to an increased understanding within the industry is also highlighted by Mia Edwall Insulander:

”If you have met Maria-Pia Hope and talked about the legal profession, you are infected by her commitment. I have a background as a humanist and was struck by the fact that Maria-Pia, who works at one of Sweden’s largest commercial law firms, has an interest in, and a curiosity about, the work performed by lawyers at other types of firms. She contributes to promoting the solidarity and understanding between practitioners which is one of the purposes of the Bar Association in accordance with our statutes.”

As part of the honorary award, in connection with the award ceremony an amount of SEK 100 000 is set aside for the Bar Association’s Pro Bono work. Previous recipients of the award include Johan Eriksson, Peter Danowsky, Thomas Ohlsson, Björn Riese, Sture Larsson, Christian Åhlund and Lena Frånstedt Lofalk.


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