Vinge receives Gender Diversity Award for the Fifth Time

Vinge has won the “Best Swedish Firm for Women in Business Law” award at the Europe Women in Business Law Awards which took place in London on 15 June 2017. 


Jasmin Draszka-Ali board member of Transparency International Sweden

Vinge associate Jasmin Draszka-Ali has been elected as a board member of Transparency International Sweden.


Vinge now offers CSR training for board members

It is time to alter perspective and focus on concrete measures in relation to CSR issues. Hence, Vinge is now offering advanced training courses to board members in relation to CSR and sustainability issues. The courses will not primarily focus on the value of sustainability work per se but, rather, the practical implementation and follow-up of the work within different types of enterprises which face global challenges.

February 25, 2016 Sustainability