Vinge has acted as counsel for VGS Aircraft Holding (Ireland) Limited

February 21, 2011

Vinge has acted as counsel for three of the subsidaries of VGS Aircraft Holding (Ireland) Limited in connection with various aircraft transactions: 

  • Johannesburg Limited and Olbia Limited in connection with the refinancing of a fleet of 10 aircraft. The lender to the subsidiaries is GE Japan Corporation. 
  • VGS Investments One Limited in connection with the lease of an aircraft to the airline SIA Smartlynx Airlines. The lender to VGS Investments Limited is Norddeutsche Landesbank. 
  • Olbia Limited in connection with the financing and lease of an aircraft to the airline and in connection with the acquisition, financing and lease of two aircraft to the airline Air Berlin. The lender to Olbia Limited is GE Japan Corporation. 
  • Johannesburg Limited in connection with the refinancing of seven aircraft. Lender to Johannesburg Limited is HSH Nordbanks AG. 

VGS Aircraft Holding (Ireland) Limited is a joint venture between Volito Aviation AB and a company within the Goldman Sachs Group.

Vinges team consisted of among others Henrik Ossborn, Johan Ragnar and Susanne Samuelsson.

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