Optimera Svenska AB - sale of TotalPartner AB

May 12, 2005

Ahlsell AB, the Swedish supplier of industrial products, has acquired TotalPartner Optimera AB, the Swedish distributor of industry and construction necessities, from Optimera Svenska AB, for an undisclosed amount. Optimera Svenska AB is part of Optimera Gruppen AS, the Norwegian building materials supplier. TotalPartner Optimera has annual revenues of SEK 440m (EUR 47.5m).

Vinge acted for Optimera Svenska AB.
Jan Örtenholm, Björn Mullaart (responsible partners)
Emma Olnäs (associate)

Vinge contributing to International Comparative Legal Guides

Vinge’s specialists within Maritime and Transport law have been requested to contribute with a chapter explaining the Swedish legislative framework in relation to maritime law in the International Comparative Legal Guides, ICLG.
August 20, 2021

New partners and counsels appointed at Vinge’s Stockholm office

Advokat Sofie Bjärtun, advokat Rikard Lindahl, advokat Malin Malm Waerme and advokat Daniel Wendelsson at Vinge’s Stockholm office have been appointed as new partners as of 1 January 2022. The following lawyers have been elected as counsels at Vinge’s Stockholm office: Advokat Stojan Arnerstål, advokat Amanda Knutsson, advokat Jolene Reimerson, advokat Linnéa Sellström and advokat Filip Öhrner.
July 06, 2021

EU climate taxonomy – New regulations concerning companies’ publication of information

According to the European Union’s climate taxonomy, certain organisations must publish to what extent their operations are environmentally sustainable. In order to clarify what information the companies need to report, as well as how this should be done, the EU Commission has prepared a new delegated regulation. Primarily, the delegated regulation establishes relevant financial key ratios and different report precedents.
June 21, 2021