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Vinge appoints new heads of its Brussels office

August 25, 2015 About the firm Career

Pär Remnelid, partner, and since 2001 based at Vinge's office in Malmö, will become the new head of Vinge’s Brussels office. Martin Johansson, having 25 years’ experience of EU law and having worked at the Brussels office since 2007, will become the new resident partner and be in charge of general EU law operations.

Vinge's Brussels office has played an important role in the law firm’s history. Vinge early realized the importance of being present in Brussels. Last year Vinge celebrated 25 years in Brussels and since its establishment the office has been a central and strategic part of Vinge's operations within the field of ECR - EU, Competition and Regulatory.

Pär Remnelid was recruited in 1995 by Vinge and worked in the Brussel’s office between 1995 and 1999. Thereafter he has been at Vinge's Gothenburg office and subsequently at Vinge's Malmö office. Within ECR he has mainly worked with competition law and merger control before national competition authorities and to the European Commission but also before courts. Pär Remnelid has assisted clients in several dawn raids carried out by the national authorities and/or the Commission.

‘I'm really looking forward to developing our operations further in the Brussel’s office together with all talented colleagues. It feels like coming home, since I worked in Brussels for four years in the 1990s’, says Pär Remnelid.

Martin Johansson has nearly 25 years’ experience in the EU-law and has worked for more than ten years at the European Court of Justice. He specializes in EU and competition law, particularly state aid, public procurement, the four freedoms, regulatory issues and interpretation and application of various EU directives and regulations. He has since 2007 been employed at Vinge's Brussels office and will now become resident partner and head of the general EU law operations.

‘EU issues and knowledge of general EU-law is becoming increasingly important for Swedish companies to be aware of and understand the implications. Companies that do not have sufficient knowledge of EU legislation will have difficulties to operate on the same terms as others’, says Martin Johansson.

Vinge's Brussels office has nine employees: two partners, five associates and two administrators. Pär Remnelid and Martin Johansson begin their new assignments the 1st of September, 2015.

For further information, please contact:

Pär Remnelid, +46 73 920 55 13
Martin Johansson, +32 25 01 07 03

Vinge hones its offering within capital requirements and risk management in the financial services sector

In order to further strenghthen its service offering within the Banking & Finance and Regulatory practice area, Vinge has formed a team within the capital requirements and risk management in the financial services sector. Torbjörn Jacobsson, whose background includes, among other things, head of risk in the banking sector, has been recruited to lead the group as a senior specialist in relation to issues concerning financial risks and capital requirements.
November 30, 2021 About the firm Career

Emelie Svensäter Jerntorp appointed as new partner

Commencing 1 January 2022, Emelie Svensäter Jerntorp will become a partner at Vinge’s Skåne office.
November 19, 2021 About the firm Career

Vinge top-ranked by Chambers & Partners within ten practice areas

Vinge would like to thank all the clients who have contributed with their time through the interview processes for Chambers’ annual rankings. We have today received the result, and we are delighted with top rankings in 13 areas and a significant number of individual rankings.
March 19, 2021 About the firm Career

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