Press Release Human rights lawyeer Théo Jaekel joins Vinge

September 01, 2016 Sustainability About the firm Career

Vinge strengthens its Corporate Risk and Compliance team with the addition of Théo Jaekel a human rights lawyer who specializes in corporate responsibility in order to meet the increased demand for CSR advice.

Théo Jaekel joins Vinge from Swedwatch, the expert organization where he has worked for more than four years in relation to corporate investigations. Théo has undertaken several corporate investigations and field studies primarily in southern Asia and Africa, focusing on the mining and electronics sectors and public procurement. With his intimate knowledge of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, Théo has provided corporate responsibility training to enterprises, public authorities and non-profit making associations.

In relation to the recruitment, Parul Sharma, Head of Corporate Compliance at Vinge says: “Developments within this area are taking place very quickly. It is not enough to confine oneself to national or even international regulatory regimes. The global trend with CSR clearly shows that low costs countries are adopting more stringent national legislation within environmental law as well as anti-corruption with greater supervision and stiffer penalties. Companies conducting operations in high risk countries should ensure that they modify their operations in order to continually procure that all laws and regulations are observed and that follow up of the operations is an important part of the CSR work. By virtue of his experience and competence, Théo will add to our possibilities and resources to satisfy the increased demand for advice within the CSR area.”

Théo Jaekel, Senior Specialist: Human Rights and Supply Chain in the Corporate Risk and Compliance Team at Vinge says: “CSR work is not just some sideline anymore but rather it should be elevated to one of the central elements of a company’s operations. Companies are currently expected to comply with both international legislative regimes and national laws and regulations. From my previous investigative role at Swedwatch, I know just how wrong things can become. At Vinge, I am looking forward instead to helping companies meet both the current and future demands within CSR.”         

In addition to his work at Swedwatch, Théo also lectures on human rights and CSR at, among other institutions, Stockholm University and was previously a board member of Transparency International for several years.

For further information, please contact:

Ulrika Åkervall Westin, Head of Marketing and Communications, tel. no. + 46 (0) 10 614 30 29, email

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