Johan Karlsson appointed as expert in government commission of inquiry

May 22, 2015 About the firm Career

Following a proposal from the Swedish Bar Association, Vinge’s Johan Karlsson has been appointed as an expert in the Government Commission of Inquiry concerning enhanced powers of decision-making for the Swedish Competition Authority (the Authority).

The terms of reference of the Commission of Inquiry, which is led by Judge of Appeal Eva Edwardsson, is to determine the requirement of, and the conditions for granting, enhanced powers to the Authority to independently determine the prohibition of concentrations between undertakings and to impose fines in cartel and abuse cases. At present, the Authority is required to commence proceedings for a prohibitory injunction or to request fines before Stockholm District Court. The Commission of Inquiry is required to submit its report containing proposals in respect of any legislative amendments not later than 12 May 2016.

The other experts and specialists comprising the Commission of Inquiry are Marie Jesperson (the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority), Anders Stenlund (Confederation of Swedish Enterprise), Torbjörn Gerelius (the Swedish Tax Agency), Per Karlsson (the Swedish Competition Authority), Ingeborg Simonsson (Stockholm District Court), deputy assistant undersecretary Eva Ljungbert and specialist assistant undersecretary Jan Stochaus (Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications) as well as deputy assistant undersecretary Linda Stromberg (Ministry of Justice).