Jasmin Draszka-Ali board member of Transparency International Sweden

Vinge associate Jasmin Draszka-Ali has been elected as a board member of Transparency International Sweden.

Jasmin, what does Transparency International Sweden do, and what does the position as a board member mean for Vinge?

-Transparency International Sweden works with a wide range of issues in order to prevent corruption in Sweden. For example, the organisation conducts widespread information dissemination and public opinion creation activities in order to spread knowledge about the harmful effects of corruption and promote greater transparency across both the public and the private sector.

From Vinge’s point of view, I believe that the board membership is further reinforcement of our anti-corruption network, which is something that improves our possibility to combat corruption in Sweden.

Transparency International, on a global level, was founded in 1993, with the aim of putting corruption on the international agenda. Since then the organisation has grown to become a major authority within the field and has contributed to the fact that both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund now classify corruption as one of the biggest threats to development. Transparency International has also played a significant role in enforcing the UN’s Convention against Corruption and OECD’s Anti-bribery Convention.

Jasmin-Draszka-Ali has been an Associate at Vinge since 2015 and works, among other things, within the areas of Corporate Risk & Compliance, Anti-corruption as well as Corporate and Human Rights.

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