Insurance services in Sweden – a summary

March 24, 2022 Insurance Law

Vinge’s insurance team has written a brief summary of some of the main features of the Swedish regulations affecting foreign insurers with existing or contemplated business activities in Sweden.

There are more insurance companies per inhabitant in Sweden than in any other European country. In 2020, Swedish insurance companies generated premium income of about SEK 450 billion, employed more than 22,000 people, paid a total of SEK 287 billion in compensation (life and non-life) and invested more than SEK 5,600 billion in the global economy. The Swedish insurance industry consists of 285 insurance companies.

The majority of the Swedish insurance companies are small non-life insurance companies. The market is concentrated into a few large groups.

The international presence on the Swedish insurance market has increased in the past ten years. There are now more than 40 foreign insurance companies represented via branches or agencies. Numerous other foreign insurance companies market insurance services in Sweden cross-border.


Download the full summary ‑ Insurance services in Sweden 2022


The summary covers, among other things:

  • Financial services and investment relations
  • Business requirements for Swedish insurance companies and cross‑border services/branch offices/general agencies 
  • Applicable laws
  • Taxation
  • Regulatory changes
  • Economic sanctions