Mandate Vinge has assisted Nobina with a complaint to the Commission

July 04, 2019

Vinge has assisted Nobina with a complaint to the Commission about Finland having granted loans under conditions not on market terms to the Finnish bus transport company Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy.

The Commission has now found that Finland granted 54.2 million euros in illegal state aid, which must be recovered from Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy.

Nobina is the leading operator in public transport services in the Nordic countries and provides bus transport services to almost one million people in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. 

Vinge’s team was led by Martin Johansson, partner, and included the associate Ebba Thoms, amongst others.

Clarification of the interpretation of ”nearest suitable railway station”

Road transport performed by Samskip Sia in Sweden has been confirmed to be within the framework of a permitted combined transport through a decision of the Administrative court of Falun in Sweden. The central question in the case was how to interpret the term “nearest suitable railway station”
June 30, 2020

DAC 6 – EU Directive concerning reportable cross‑border tax arrangements

DAC 6 is a EU Directive which entails that advisers are subject to a duty to notify the relevant tax authorities concerning their client’s cross‑border arrangements. The purpose of the information disclosure obligation is to combat tax evasion, tax fraud and tax avoidance.
June 04, 2020

The importance of continuous focus on compliance procedures in disrupting times

A large number of corporations will most certainly be severely impacted by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The new challenges will impact companies’ compliance risks, which are likely to be different and, to a certain extent, increased. It is crucial that - also in disrupting times - internal compliance procedures are maintained and that new risks are identified and mitigated.
May 28, 2020