Den Danske Bank A/S Sweden acquires Skandia Mäklarna Holding AB

October 10, 2005

Den Danske Bank A/S Sweden has acquired Skandia Mäklarna, one of Swedens largest real-estate agency business, for an undisclosed consideration.

Vinge represented the sellers (various companies and private individuals).
Peter Morawetz (responsible partner)
Daniel Rosvall and Mats Hävermark (associates)

The Scope of Work According to AB 04

One of the most important parts of a construction agreement is the part where the scope of work is defined. There is a major difference between finding scope of work issues early in a construction project, instead of later during the execution phase.
May 04, 2021

A shift in EU merger control policy and practice could affect deal certainty and create opportunities for complainants

The European Commission is expanding its control of mergers and acquisitions within the existing legal framework, allowing national authorities to refer a transaction they do not have jurisdiction over for review in Brussels.
April 26, 2021

Vinge awarded Sweden Law Firm of the Year 2021 by Chambers & Partners

The award, Chambers Europe Award for Excellence – Sweden Law Firm of the Year 2021, is one of the foremost awards a Swedish law firm can receive. Vinge has previously received the award on four occasions.
April 23, 2021