Mandate Axfood sales shares in Spar Finland

July 19, 2006

Axfood AB (publ) has sold their shares in Spar Finland to the Finnish Co-operative Wholesale Society (SOK) for a total value of EUR 36.3 million.

Vinge represented Axfood in the sale. Vinge representatives were Anders Åberg, Cecilia Möller, Tuula-Anneli Tallavaara and Charlotta Breide.

Summary of employment related news in Sweden as of January 2021

Short-time work, a new pandemic law and pending changes to the Employment Protection Act. Here is the latest employment related news in Sweden.
January 19, 2021

Sanctions round-up

Not so long ago, sanctions were a rare occurrence which only involved obscure products and countries, and which were decided by the members of the United Nations Security Council. Today, the European Union and particularly the United States, impose sanctions and other trade restrictions with high frequency which have the potential to affect any type of transaction. Set forth below is a summary of some recent developments.
December 22, 2020