Sustainability and CSR

At Vinge we work towards creating a successful business, but we also help charitable organisations achieve their goals. As competent and responsible lawyers, our skills can benefit those beyond our traditional circle of clients. And they can help us achieve much more than financial gain.

To be responsible, sustainable corporate citizens we believe we need to behave ethically, foster good stakeholder relations, be a responsible employer that gives its employees opportunities to develop, and do our part to contribute to a well functioning judicial system.

We run our business in a way that is ever more sustainable, and we encourage others to do the same. Our services help companies and organisations minimise their risks and improve their sustainability.


We offer our expertise to companies and organisations that need it, and whose business and values harmonise with ours.

One of our projects is the Diversity Project – Vinge’s own initiative to encourage more students from non Swedish backgrounds to take up a career in law. When it was launched more than a decade ago, the project was a wake up call for the entire industry.

We also supply mentors to the Mitt Liv foundation, which helps new arrivals in Sweden into the labour market.

Our latest collaboration is a sporting one – with the Swedish Olympic Committee. 

Some of our co-operation partners

  • CSR Sweden
  • Novare Potential
  • Rädda Barnen
  • Mitt Liv
  • Good Cause
  • Ashoka
  • SSE Business Lab
  • Raoul Wallenberginstitutet i Lund
  • Family Business Network
  • Business Challenge
  • Sveriges Olympiska Kommitté
  • Svenska Alpina Skidlandslaget
The diversity project

The diversity project

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Legal adviser to the Swedish Olympic Committee

Legal adviser to the Swedish Olympic Committee

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Mitt Liv

Mitt Liv

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