Mandate Vinge has advised ESSVP IV funds in connection with its acquisition of Bergkvist-Insjön Aktiebolag

July 22, 2019

Vinge has advised ESSVP IV funds (advised by Orlando Nordics AB) and its portfolio company Dilasso Timber AB (publ) in connection with its acquisition of the sawmill company Bergkvist-Insjön Aktiebolag as well as Dilasso Timber’s issuance of a MSEK 750 million senior secured bond under a framework of SEK 1,150 million. 

Vinge’s team consisted of, among others, Kristina Ekberg and Hannah Kajlinger (M&A) and Fabian Ekeblad and Sofia Törnroth Nyberg (Banking and Finance).

The importance of continuous focus on compliance procedures in disrupting times

A large number of corporations will most certainly be severely impacted by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The new challenges will impact companies’ compliance risks, which are likely to be different and, to a certain extent, increased. It is crucial that - also in disrupting times - internal compliance procedures are maintained and that new risks are identified and mitigated.
May 28, 2020

Brexit and free movement of persons

Brexit means the end of free movement of persons between the EU and the UK. This change will affect companies in the EU and the UK that depend on workers who are UK and EU citizens respectively. This note discusses the rules on free movement of persons before and after Brexit and offers guidance to companies and other parties in this regard.
May 18, 2020

Options for employers to consider during the Covid-19 crisis to reduce labour costs

The outbreak of Covid-19 continues to have a material negative effect on a large number of companies and their businesses on the Swedish labour market and it has also led to considerable fluctuations on the financial markets. Because of these negative effects, businesses may need to proceed with redundancies if proper cost saving options are not implemented. We have summarised a couple of options that employers may want to consider.
May 15, 2020