Maria-Pia Hope among Sweden’s most powerful businesswomen 2019.

As the only lawyer in the list of the most powerful business women, Maria-Pia Hope, Vinge’s CEO, stands out amongst Sweden’s most prominent corporate leaders and experts. Traditionally, relatively few women have concentrated upon a career within business law. 

“I am very honoured over my inclusion in the list. The diversity work is central for Vinge since we know that it generates a better service. It is particularly encouraging that now, after several years’ work, we have a talent pool at senior level which is equivalent to what it looks like when we recruit. We have never had more women and never had a higher turnover. Women stay at Vinge – you can see that it pays off,” says Maria-Pia Hope.

The percentage of female partners at Vinge is now 25 per cent, in 2015 it was 18 per cent. At both junior and senior level, 58 per cent of the associates are women. However, for Vinge the ambition is not to merely stay at a balanced composition between the sexes. The diversity work is more general. The desire is to create more dynamic teams and to have more innovative forces within the operations. This requires an organization where the employees are permitted, and are given the opportunity, to be themselves and which is represented by people of different ages with varied backgrounds, experience and personalities.

March 8, 2019 About the firm

Fifth year in a row: Vinge – Sweden M&A Legal Adviser of the Year 

This is the fifth year in a row that the award has gone to Vinge and it concludes a year comprising a record number of, as well as complex, transactions.

“We are proud that we were able, in the face of stiff competition, to win this award for the fifth year in a row. We are particularly happy that the jury placed particular emphasis on our advice in connection with Tele2’s merger with ComHem, the first merger between two listed companies for seven years. This was a transaction where we could utilize the scope of our full service offering, from identifying a model for this type of merger which works from a capital market law perspective and to resolving the very complex competition law issues which arise when two competitors merge”, says Maria-Pia Hope, CEO of Vinge.

Throughout this year, Vinge has been engaged in 97 transactions to a total value of SEK 255 billion, as well as 9 IPOs. The transactions included, in addition to the merger between Tele2 and ComHem, Autoliv’s spin off of Veoneer Inc and Sandvik’s sale of Hyperion to KKR. A recurring trend during the year consisted of strategic investments in the Nordic region by American investors, for example, Mars Petcare’s acquisition of AniCura from Nordic Capital.

“After we underwent a generational shift in our M&A groups a few years ago, it is pleasing to be able to note that we continue to enjoy the faith and confidence of our clients and that during 2018 we have developed our offering as well as increased our deal count. When viewed in terms of both the number of pending engagements and the amount of new engagements which we are receiving, there are as yet no signs of any slowdown. Thanks to our size, we have the ability to concurrently handle several projects and nevertheless offer our clients teams with both the breadth and the specific competence which is required”, says Johan Winnerblad, chairman of the board of directors and head of Vinge’s M&A practice group.

The award for Sweden M&A Legal Adviser of the Year was presented on Thursday evening at Mergermarket’s Europe M&A Awards in London. The award is based on the number of transactions performed, the value of the transactions, the strategic, complex and innovative level of the transactions as well as listings which involve the private equity sector. The jury consists of experts within M&A and representatives from Mergermarket.

For more information, please contact:
Kristian Sjöholm, Head of Marketing and Communications, +46 (0)10 614 33 53,

Dec. 7, 2018 About the firm

Vinge tops IFLR’s rankings

The guide is based on reviews from clients and ranks both law firms and individual lawyers within the scope of the various practice areas. 

Vinge is ranked at the top in Sweden within M&A, Capital Markets, Real Estate Development, Banking and Finance as well as Reconstruction and Insolvency. Vinge is ranked in the highest category (Tier 1) within the first three practice areas and Tier 2 within Banking and Finance as well as Reconstruction and Insolvency.  

Set forth below is a representative selection of client reviews:

Jonas Bergström, partner within private M&A, is described as having “Extremely high work ethics and is client oriented. Very hands-on despite his level and seniority. Skilled negotiator knowing what to push on and where to be pragmatic.” 

Christina Kokko, board member and partner within private M&A, is described by clients as “Business oriented and able to underline in a very clear way the main differences between the client's business jurisdiction and the Sweden models. Excellent team manager. Excellent customer focus.”

Johan Winnerblad, Christina Kokko, Charlotte Levin and Mikael Ståhl are characterised by IFLR as market leading. 

Jonas Bergström, Fabian Ekeblad, Johan Göthberg, Morgan Hallén, Maria-Pia Hope, Göran Nyström, Erik Sjöman and Christoffer Thalin are referred to as “highly regarded” within their practice areas.

Partners Louise Brorsson Salomon, Jesper Schönbeck and Albert Wållgren are described as rising stars. 

The entire rankings can be read here: IFLR 1000 2019 

Nov. 8, 2018 About the firm

Vinge strengthens its board of directors and management

During the autumn, Vinge’s governance model has been amended through changes in the board of directors and management group. The board of director is expanded with two new seats in order to more accurately reflect the business operations. The new members of the board of directors are Marcus Glader and Mattias Schömer. The management group has also been strengthened with three more members and now consists of nine persons. In addition, a seat on the management group is reserved for the most recent employee at Vinge, according to rotating schedule. The seat is introduced in order to obtain benefits from new competence and ideas as well as to give the management group access to an outside perspective. In parallel, Vinge has commenced extensive strategy work which will take place until 2019.

“In terms of revenues, Vinge is approaching its best year since we started in 1983 and with a high degree of activity in all practice areas. Among other things, we are in first place in the M&A operations statistics in respect of transactions performed,” says Maria-Pia Hope, CEO. “We view this as the right time to build the organization and make it even stronger and agile. We conduct business on a changing market and we need to constantly be at the forefront in order to continue to deserve the confidence of our clients.”

The changes also affect the HR activities, management as well as internal and external communication in order to further strengthen and clarify the employer branding offer and corporate culture.

“We believe in the individual and the individual’s ability to make a difference,” says Maria-Pia Hope. “For us it is important that employees are given real possibilities to affect their work, to grow within their chosen profession and to contribute with their own personality. These principles are fundamental to a strong corporate culture with deep roots, which we are now systematically strengthening and making clearer to the world at large.”

As part of the communication, Vinge is today releasing a short film called “The Seat”, which includes 18 Vinge employees in the cast characters. The film portrays the manufacturing process of a seat – which gives new employees direct influence. There are three copies of the seat and these will be used at Vinge’s management group meetings.


For more information, please contact:

Kristian Sjöholm
Head of Marketing and Communications
+ 46 (0) 70 429 33 53

Nov. 7, 2018 About the firm

Vinge – Best law firm for female business lawyers

-    “We are very happy and proud that we have once again received this fine award”, says Maria-Pia Hope, Managing Partner of Vinge. “We view it as recognition of our long term efforts in relation to gender equality.” 

What is Vinge doing right, since you have received this award six times since 2011? 

-    “To begin with, we set the goal that between 2015 and 2020 at least 50 per cent of our new partners would be women”, explains Maria-Pia Hope. “And we are well on the way, most recently most of the newly-elected partners were women.”

-    “In addition to working with gender equality, we also have other diversity initiatives. For instance, for 16 years we have supported upper secondary school pupils in schools situated in high immigrant areas in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. We have encouraged them to pursue a career in the law. The initiative offers, among other things, training, scholarships and summer work at Vinge. Several of the people who have participated in the project have become lawyers. And now, we have our first partner who came to Vinge through the Diversity Project!”

The European Women in Business Law Awards (WIBLA) is awarded to the best firms and individuals, based on surveys and nominations and is arranged by Euromoney Legal Media Group and the International Financial Law Review.

Additional nominations 

In connection with the WIBLA nominations, three of Vinge’s partners, i.e. Maria-Pia Hope, Christina Kokko and Charlotte Levin, were also named as IFLW1000 Women Leaders by International Financial Law Review. The criteria for the nominations are based on experience of business life, reputation on the market, exceptional performance and recommendations from clients and colleagues. In total, six female business lawyers in Sweden were nominated. 

Vinge’s partners from Stockholm, Åsa Gotthardsson and Emma Stuart Beck were in London to receive the WIBLA award. Also present were Yohanna Öhrnegård from Gothenburg and Ingela Malmborg and Anna Edström from Malmö.

The award as the best firm in Sweden was won in competition with, among others, Mannheimer Swartling, Lindahl and White and Case. Vinge has also received this award in 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, as well as this year, 2018.

June 15, 2018 About the firm

Record year for Vinge

Record year for Vinge

Record year with a 15% increase in turnover to SEK 1.1 billion

Largest increase in turnover within non‑transaction law

M&A firm of the year for the fourth year in a row

Maria-Pia Hope, CEO, comments

”After a very strong 2016, 2017 was a record year for Vinge. The transaction market continues to be very strong, and we are proud that we have been awarded, among other things, the awards for Swedish M&A Firm of the Year from Mergermarket, and Best Swedish Law Firm from the leading ranking institute Chambers & Partners.

We are happy that our clients choose us due to the breadth of our services. Being the largest business law adviser in relation to the turnover is not an end in itself as far as we are concerned, but we view the significant increase of requests for our services as confirmation that the market regards us as leading in what we do. When a transaction stands or falls on the basis of a competition authority approval, or when employment issues come to fore in light of #metoo, it is comforting to be able to turn to Vinge’s industry‑leading lawyers.

The year also gave rise to long overdue attention to gender equality and women’s terms and conditions in the workplace. This has been an issue which has been close to our heart here at Vinge for many years and our objective is that more women should be in managerial positions. At the end of the year, the percentage of women partners rose to 25%. This is the highest for the industry but still too little.”

Key ratios

2017 (1)    

Total turnover: 1 110 050 000                                       

Number of lawyers: 297                                                                          

Number of partners: 70                                                                             

Total number of employees: 432                                                      

2016 (2) 

Total turnover: 967 594 000                      

Number of lawyers: 284                                    

Number of partners: 74                                       

Total number of employees: 416 


[1] As per 31 December 2017

[2] As per 31 December 2016

Press release 2017 - pdf version

(if time, not that prio) Vinge exceeds the billion mark

After a strong 2016, 2017 was Vinge’s best year so far with an increase in turnover of 15%. With an effective organization, the total turnover exceeded the billion mark and amounted to approximately SEK 1.1 billion. As a result, Vinge strengthened its top position.

A business boom together with record low interest rates had an advantageous effect on the market, and internationally the strong growth is also reflected in a positive stock exchange climate.

Full return on the full‑service offering

All practice areas have had an extremely good year. The significant increase within the company’s growth practice areas of intellectual property rights, competition, tax and dispute resolution resulted in the fact that the largest percentage segment of the increase in turnover in 2017 came from practice areas outside traditional M&A. During the year, mandates as a result of the increased activity from the competition authorities, the development of fintech in Sweden, and the autumn’s focus on work terms and conditions for women have led to the development. Within dispute resolution, Vinge successfully represented Öresund in the so‑called HQ dispute and also Gazprom in the dispute with Naftogaz, one of the world’s largest arbitrations which was decided at the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

A strong economic cycle, combined with record low interest rates, also increased the activity within M&A at the same time as the number of listings continued at historically record high levels.

Most of the transactions were of a legally complicated nature, for example, when large Swedish companies have carved out operations and sold divisions. In 2017, Vinge participated in 74 M&A transactions, to a total value of USD 21.6 billion. The transaction mandates included, among others, FAM’s acquisition of Sandvik Process Systems, and also advising AB Volvo (publ) in connection with Geely’s acquisition of shares in the company. In addition, Vinge advised on five issuance mandates in connection with listings on NASDAQ Stockholm’s main list. The analysis firm Mergermarket nominated Vinge as the year’s M&A firm among Swedish business lawyers for the fourth year in a row.


Vinge focuses on offering expertise within all areas and combining this competence in relation to all of the client’s transactions and this has proven to be successful. The fact that all practice areas are now standing on their own feet gives Vinge increased stability in its operations.

International partnership strategies bearing fruit

The Nordic markets are generally viewed by foreign purchasers as secure and stable. The inflow of international mandates is increasing and a significant part of Vinge’s mandates are international in nature. Among these mandates, an increased level of interest has been shown by non‑European buyers, primarily from Asia and the US. One example during the year was Chinese Anhui Shanying Paper’s acquisition of Nordic Paper.

Vinge’s international partner strategy began in 2005, i.e. as an independent actor co‑operating with the best business law firms within each jurisdiction and this has proven to be successful. Vinge acts under its own trademark and, with the exception of the office in Brussels, does not have any offices outside Sweden. For clients this means that Vinge can secure the best competence within every jurisdiction. The strategy has also borne fruit in the form of lower costs.

Continued focus on gender equality and diversity

One of Vinge’s objectives is that half of the new partners who are made up over a five‑year period should be women. During 2017, 11 new partners were appointed, five of whom were women. During the year, the firm received the award European Women in Business Law – Sweden for the fourth year in a row for its work in relation to gender equality within the legal industry. The award was presented by Euromoney Legal Media Group and International Financial Law Review to the best law firms and individuals based on investigations and nominations.

Vinge’s diversity project began in 2002 and the objective is to broaden the base of lawyers and to engage competence and the possibilities which diversity entails. In 2017, and in co‑operation with the participating upper secondary schools, events such a theme days, participation in the education and the possibility for scholarships and summer internships were performed.

New demands focused on the ability to develop and adapt

During 2017, Vinge received several awards. For the fourth year in a row, Vinge was named the Best Swedish M&A Firm by Mergermarket, and the Best Swedish Law Firm by the leading ranking institute Chambers & Partners.

Other awards during the year included Employment Law Firm of the Year 2017 ‑ Legally Yours’ investigation Employment Law Barometer, Swedish Law Firm of the Year 2017 ‑ International Financial Law Review, IFLR, European Women in Business Law – Sweden 2017 ‑ Euromoney Legal Media Group and International Financial Law Review, IP Firm of the Year 2017, Sweden ‑ Managing Intellectual Property (MIP).

In Regis’ investigation Law Firm of the Year ‑ Image Watch, Vinge was the firm that most respondents would choose. The survey was conducted during the second half of 2017 among purchasers of law firm services.


The awards are confirmation of our efforts and focus, our method of working and it generates more transactions, better profitability and more satisfied clients. The forecast for 2018 continues to be positive and Vinge sees good possibilities for further strengthening its position.

The requirement for business law advice is increasing in line with new regulatory frameworks and new technology which changes markets quickly and opens doors for new business possibilities. The strong growth of new international regulatory frameworks and legislative requirements from, among others, the EU increases the requirement of legal competence in order to be able to interpret, implement and comply with the new regulatory framework. The development of technology within, for example, cloud solutions via third parties, also gives rise to the requirement of new types of agreements.

We believe in continued growth, in particular within areas such as dispute resolution, financial services, life science, tax and a stable development on the M&A market. In order to achieve this, a continuous dialogue is required with our clients and we need to continue to focus on knowledge and skills development in order to offer the best solutions. We have a stated and clear ambition to be constantly at the forefront within all areas. This means constant learning and continual development.

Press release 2017 - pdf version

For further information, please contact

Kristian Sjöholm, Head of Marketing and Communications, + 46 (0) 10 614 33 53,





March 22, 2018 About the firm

Maria‑Pia Hope one of Swedish commerce’s most powerful women 2018

Maria‑Pia, you have risen five places on the list compared to last year and the reasons state, among other things, Vinge’s objective in relation to female partners. What do you think is the basis of the nomination?

”I view the placement as evidence of the fact that Vinge as a firm is going forward both on the market and as regards gender equality. I would contend that the two are linked. Of course, it is a success factor to be able to better utilize available competence. Our objective is that half of the new partners who are made up over a five‑year period should be women. We currently have over 25% female partners and among the five partners who were made up on 1 January 2018, three were women. We now also have female partners within primarily all practice areas. In addition to the partnership goal, we are also actively working on the work environment and corporate culture so that it works better for parents with small children, and we encourage gender equality in terms of parents taking parental leave. Vinge is of course only embarking on this road, but I think that we are going in the right direction.”

March 8, 2018 About the firm

Vinge named Sweden Law Firm of the Year

Maria-Pia Hope, Vinge’s CEO, received the prestigious award at a ceremony in London on Friday evening.

“The award is among the finest a Swedish law firm can receive, so we are extremely pleased and proud. Unlike other awards of this kind, it evaluates all our services, as the overall assessment is based on many practice areas,” says Maria-Pia Hope.

Chambers Europe Award for Excellence evaluates a law firm's strength and success in key practice areas, strategic growth, feedback from the market and market-leading client assignments.

“The award reflects Vinge's real strength. Because of our size, we have both depth and breadth, enabling us to undertake large, complex assignments and tasks that span multiple jurisdictions. We have the expertise and the ability to build teams around the client. The award is therefore for all of our employees and, indirectly, an expression of our good team spirit.”

Vinge has previously received the award Sweden Law Firm of the Year on three occasions – in 2008, 2010 and 2014.

For more information, please contact:
Kristian Sjöholm, Press Officer,
+46 10 614 33 53

April 11, 2017 About the firm

Vinge receives M&A Award for third consecutive year

Maria Pia Hope, Vinge’s CEO said: “It is with a great deal of gratitude toward our clients that we are able once again to receive the finest international award for Swedish M&A.”

Transactions for the year amounted to more than SEK 200 billion, divided over 70 projects.

Maria Pia: “We see that our clients are requesting the specialist competence which we possess within M&A and which is a result of the fact that we handle a large number of transactions. In addition, since we have expertise within all areas of business law, we are thus able to accept the most varied forms of engagements.  

Our ambition is to constantly improve our M&A service offering. For instance, in Sweden we were first to map out our M&A processes in order to improve efficiency and to have assistants who specialise in virtual data rooms. Our annual compilation of M&A deal terms on the Swedish market is also extremely popular.”

The award for Sweden M&A Legal Adviser of the Year 2016 and other awards were presented on Thursday evening at Mergermarket’s European M&A Awards ceremony in London. The award is based on, among other things, both the number of transactions performed and the value thereof. Consideration is also given to the strategic, complex and innovative level of the transactions as well as the number of IPOs involving the private equity sector. The jury included experts within M&A and representatives from Mergermarket.

For further information, please contact:

Maria-Pia Hope
CEO Vinge, Managing Partner Stockholm
+ 46 (0)10 614 31 27

Ulrika Åkervall Westin
Head of Marketing and Communications
+46 (0) 10 614 30 29 

Dec. 9, 2016 About the firm

Vinge - Sweden M&A Legal Adviser of the Year 2015

”We are proud to receive this award for the second consecutive year. This award is proof of the fact that we have the market’s best M&A and capital markets lawyers and we have been privileged to be involved in the most important transactions”, says Maria-Pia Hope, Vinge’s CEO.

So far this year Vinge has been engaged in 48 M&A deals up to an aggregate deal value of SEK 132 billion and in eight out of a total of 18 IPOs on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm’s main market.

”As regards IPOs, 2015 is a record year for us. Vinge has been involved in almost half of the IPOs during the year. We believe that the pace of IPOs will lessen somewhat during the first half of 2016, although at the same time the conditions look good for a buoyant private M&A market”, she says.

Vinge was invloved in, among other things, the largest M&A transaction in Sweden since 2006 when Fortum sold Fortum Distribution to a consortium. Other transactions during the year included Lantmännen Unibake’s purchase of Vaasan Group, Orkla’s purchase of Cederroth and EQT Infrastructure Funds sale of Swedegas.

Vinge has advised on the IPOs of Dustin, Tobii, Nordax, Hoist, Capio, Pandox, Bravida and Dometic.

The Sweden M&A Legal Adviser of the Year 2015 award was announced on Tuesday evening at the Financial Times and Mergermarket European M&A Awards ceremony in London. The award is based on both the number of completed transactions and the deal value thereof. Consideration is also given to the strategic, complex and innovative level of the transactions and to IPOs which involved the private equity sector. The jury included experts within M&A, as well as representatives from the Financial Times and Mergermarket.

For further information, please contact:

Maria-Pia Hope CEO Vinge, Managing Partner Stockholm
+46 (0) 10 614 31 27

Ulrika Åkervall Westin, Head of Marketing and Communications
+46 (0) 10 614 30 29

Dec. 9, 2015 About the firm