After the Referendum

May 25, 2016 Brexit

On the 23rd of June this year, the British voters are faced with the choice of leaving or staying within the EU. Regardless of the result, we know that the outcome of the referendum will generate legal, political and economic consequences for both Sweden and the rest of the EU.

To share knowledge and to discuss the consequences of the outcome Vinge and the British-Swedish Chamber of  Commerce arranged the seminar After the referendum, which on the 17th of May at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm.

The participating speakers offered different perspectives on the UK and its relationship with Sweden and the European Union. The British Ambassador to Sweden, H.E. Mr David Cairns, Mr Carl Bildt, former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Sweden, and Mr Radosław Sikorski, former Foreign Minister and Minister of National Defence in Poland, presented their views on what the referendum and the different outcomes may mean to Sweden and the EU in a political perspective. Professor Sir Alan Dashwood QC, Mr Hugh Mercer QC and Dr Erik Lagerlöf provided a legal perspective on the referendum in June.

See interview with Vinge's CEO Maria-Pia Hope and senior associate Erik Lagerlöf






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Brexit and free movement of persons

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