Business and human rights

Companies are under increasing pressure to conduct their operations in a way which respects and contributes to the maintenance of human rights and international labour rights.

Previously, it has primarily been the market which has punished companies which breached internationally recognized norms – although in line with new standards, legislation and regulations on both national and international level, more stringent requirements are being imposed upon companies to identify, prevent and mitigate the direct and indirect risks associated with their operations and business relations. 

Vinge assists in relation to the evaluation of, and the provision of advice pertaining to, our clients’ existing work in the area relating to human rights and international labour rights and identifies any improvement measures. An important part of our work consists of identifying and handling risks in connection with transactions and other types of investments.

We provide advice within the entire spectrum of issues within the area of human rights and international labour rights. The advice is based upon internationally recognized requirements which are imposed upon companies and includes the following main areas:

  • Current state analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Due diligence 
  • Preparation and implementation of policy documents
  • Training
  • CSR reporting
  • Investigation and handling of incidents as well as suspected breaches
  • Contentious proceedings related to human rights