Working as a lawyer

The business world has grown increasingly complex since we started out nearly 40 years ago. New business models, new ways to communicate and distribute, and increasingly global trade are just some of the changes that have taken place.

Because of this, our clients increasingly need legal expertise that covers their specific business sector, such as pharmaceuticals or telecoms, rather than advice from just one practice area.

To maintain our leading edge as legal counsel in business matters, we place very high demands on ourselves: developing competence, sharing experience and recruiting wisely are some of our key success factors.

An active role from day one

New recruits at Vinge are dedicated, business driven, creative and responsive to clients and colleagues alike. Each new member of the team undergoes a number of clearly defined stages in our development programme. In the first few years, they spend a lot of time developing a broad legal knowledge and an in depth understanding of all the aspects of the legal profession.

Our rotation programme is an important part of the introduction. It makes sure that new members of staff quickly take on an active role by regularly changing work groups. The programme leads to a greater insight into the company’s operations, broader knowledge, and the chance to learn from and be inspired by as many colleagues as possible.

Strong teams

What unites us is a powerful drive and an interest in the client’s business. Because we are a full service firm, we can combine the unique expertise of various strong teams to make a difference together. We not only walk alongside our clients, we also walk side by side with each other. This team based approach is fundamental to our good reputation and outstanding success in Sweden and internationally.

It takes a lot of hard work to stay on top. But the return for your input is continual development alongside Sweden’s most experienced business lawyers. We offer you the security of a strong team, and plenty of opportunity for laughter. For most positions our recruits need to have, or are due to receive, a law degree from a Swedish law programme.

Welcome to Vinge.