Competence development as a lawyer

We want you to have every opportunity to be the best you can possibly be at Vinge. Here are just some of our initiatives for personal development.

Vinge Academy

A comprehensive training programme. Courses are held by both in house and external lecturers, and cover legal English, leadership, sales and other areas, as well as pure business law. You do of course have the opportunity to attend external courses if you wish to. The greater your seniority, the more individualised your training becomes.

Rotation programme

As a legal associate, you will be able to work in different work groups with different types of clients and cases. This is an important part of your training, since it broadens your horizons and skills. You will also get to know more of your colleagues and learn from the way they work. In Stockholm and Gothenburg, we have a highly regarded rotation programme for all newly employed associates. At our other offices, we make sure you get to work in several work groups as a natural part of your job.


After a couple of years as an associate, you have the chance to broaden your horizons by being seconded to one of our clients. Secondment to another firm abroad is also possible. Since many of our associates start work at Vinge immediately after they graduate, this is a valuable opportunity to gain new knowledge and fresh perspectives.

Placement abroad

Placements abroad strengthen Vinge’s profile as a Swedish business law firm with international expertise and are sometimes part of an associate’s competence development programme.

The aim is to give you experience of an international environment, working fully in a language other than Swedish, and to forge professional contacts and build networks for your future in the business.

Individually tailored training

Since it is important that we develop different strengths and perspectives, you will have several opportunities during your career to do external training, as agreed with your group manager.