Samra Baytar

Commerce has always interested Samra Baytar and as an M&A lawyer she is right in the thick of things. Negotiating and implementing client deals spurs her on just as much as solving difficult legal issues.

Samra is originally from Linköping and has both an MBA and an LL.B. She started working at Vinge’s Stockholm office during her undergraduate studies; first in the Talent Pool and then later on she chose to do her master’s thesis whilst working at Vinge. 

Samra has worked in the Private M&A group from day one and to this day transaction law within Private M&A is what is on the agenda.

”Commerce has always interested me and as an M&A lawyer I am right in the thick of things. I enjoy that. An important part of my advisory role is to take the client’s deal forward, to negotiate and work proactively. Law is the foundation and often it is more complex within M&A than one would think. I like that challenge. Drafting and negotiating agreements – that is something which I really enjoy”, says Samra.

”At Vinge, I was given a great deal of responsibility early on and that suits me. I think that Vinge is good at seeing the individual and encouraging them to develop. There is scope to do other things than just client work for those who want to. I have always been interested in organizational issues and, among other things, I am part of Vinge’s recruitment group. I also work on Vinge’s diversity project where we co operate with upper secondary schools in order to get more people with a foreign background to study law at university.”

Samra is currently in her fourth year as an M&A lawyer and she often works as a project manager in the transactions that she works with. Among other things, this entails that she co‑ordinates the team’s work efforts, for example, in the due diligence phase of a transaction before reporting to the client. The team’s contribution as well as the individual competence and experience of the persons concerned contribute as a whole to making a significant difference for the client. Each transaction is unique and often the team is faced with complex deal structures. For instance, it could relate to the fact that a client needs to sell a company which is performing badly. How is it to be sold in the best possible way? How will reorganization be performed from an employment law perspective? What are the most important details for the client and what do we know about the buyer? 

”Each transaction has its own challenges and this is the fun part of the job when you start a new project, new corporate structures, industries and management groups. The expectation which is in the air before the project starts is almost magic”, according to Samra.

”The result and the feedback following a successful mandate also gives a lot of energy”, she says and adds: ”it is always a team feeling”. 

A transaction project normally consists of a responsible partner, a senior lawyer, a lawyer who has worked for two or three years and a newly employed lawyer. Samra describes how she has been treated by colleagues at all levels, and that all project members feel part of the team. At Vinge, perception is fundamental and cohesion important. 

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