Kristoffer Franzkeit

When Kristoffer walked into Vinge’s office in southern Sweden in February 2013, his aim was to help business owners build the major corporations of tomorrow. When his client is a new start-up, Kristoffer sees the lawyer’s role as a combination of adviser and business developer.

A lawyer’s input at this stage of the process can be invaluable to the company, and the chance to be involved in the early stages of a start up is exactly what Kristoffer is passionate about.   

Kristoffer, who grew up in Vimmerby in south east Sweden and has a background as a rock musician, came to the law quite by chance. He was originally destined to follow the family path into medicine, but after an introductory course in law at Lund University, he applied for the law programme.

At Vinge he works as part of the M&A group, involved in buying and selling companies primarily in the IT sector, but also in life sciences and pharmaceuticals. Day to day he advises on technology, software and applications. Being where business is done is an important driver for Kristoffer:

“Building up a deal and closing on it. Creating added value. It’s an awesome feeling when everything comes together.”

Kristoffer has always been interested in entrepreneurship and building business, which is why he was interested in Vinge Growth – Vinge’s scheme that offers business law guidance for companies with strong growth ambitions. He spends one day a week in a small office next to Ideon, a start up incubator in Lund, where Vinge offers business law consultancy and coaching for small companies that are not quite ready to stand on their own two feet.

“The most exciting clients are those who challenge established structures,” he says, “as this is where a Vinge lawyer really comes into their own as an innovator. Behind every business is a team of lawyers, and behind every lawyer is a unique combination of qualities. Building good relations within the team and understanding the person or people behind the client creates a mutual understanding. This in turn helps to ensure an abundance of creative opportunities.”

And Kristoffer knows how to convert these opportunities into successful business.

When asked for tips on job seeking, Kristoffer says, “Explain what you could bring to a workplace, not just what you want to get from it.” He says that people at Vinge can contribute a lot to the firm’s development. When Kristoffer was first recruited, he and one of the partners discussed how Kristoffer could help Vinge to improve. The answer was to manage innovative ideas that create added value for the client – and this is something Kristoffer has found both contributes to his personal development and makes Vinge more fun as a workplace.

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Albert Wållgren

Albert Wållgren was in the sixth term of his LL.M. studies at Lund University when he participated in the very first round of Vinge Week in 2007. Today he is a partner at Vinge.

Fredrika Hjelmberg

"Camp Vinge was a two-day investment – I learned an incredible amount about business law and Vinge, but also about myself”, says Fredrika.