Fredrika Hjelmberg

"Camp Vinge was a two-day investment – I learned an incredible amount about business law and Vinge, but also about myself”, says Fredrika and explains that Camp Vinge is significantly different from other forms of recruitment processes. In her opinion, the best thing about the process was the moot court negotiations, since “then I got a real chance to show what I could do".

Fredrika Hjelmberg will soon be in her second year as an associate at Vinge’s Stockholm office. She was one of the participants in the first recruitment event, Camp Vinge which took place in the spring of 2017, and she describes the process as an instructive, but primarily fun experience. The conversations that she had with Vinge employees during Camp Vinge gave Fredrika the unique possibility to get to know Vinge a little more intimately. It is easy to talk about values, but it is by meeting the employees and by experiencing the atmosphere that you actually get to know what it is like. ”I was extremely nervous before, but everything was OK once I started”, says Fredrika and adds “there was no competition between the participants which contributed to the activities feeling a bit more relaxed”.

Camp Vinge is based on the premise that the participants will get to know Vinge as well as Vinge will get to know them. If it proves to be a match after two days, then there is a place for everyone who is interested to start a legal carrier with us.

Fredrika, who is 24 and originally from Linköping, studied at Örebro University and was completely new in Stockholm when she started as an associate. ”We are a group from Camp Vinge who became really good friends and we also see each other in our free time”. Fredrika describes the shared experience of the recruitment process with other participants as valuable but knowing that she had friends at work even before my first day was an incredible feeling. ”It was two incredibly fun days which I will never forget”, she explains and adds enthusiastically “and we still have just as much fun at work”.  

Fredrika is currently part of the Corporate Commercial team at Vinge, and she is also a part of the rotation programme which is offered to all associates during their first year.

”You get a really good overview of all parts of business law thanks to competent colleagues and interesting mandates”, and she further describes the tasks which are extremely varied. No day is the same for Fredrika, which is both challenging but also what makes the job exciting.

“Business law was not really something which I had planned to work with until a fairly late stage of my undergraduate studies.” In conclusion, she describes her work as much more “business” than law and the high tempo is something which she really enjoys.

Fredrika’s focus in the future is to continue to develop and test her way forward. The future is not written in stone and she thinks that anyone who is uncertain of their next – or indeed their first – step in their carrier to try.

”Of course you really do not know what you want to do or can do until you have tried”, she says with a smile on her lips.

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Kristoffer Franzkeit

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