Albert Wållgren

Albert Wållgren was in the sixth term of his LL.M. studies at Lund University when he participated in the very first round of Vinge Week in 2007. Today he is a partner at Vinge and together with a couple of partner colleagues he is responsible for his own team within the banking and finance practice group in Stockholm.

Albert describes “being genuinely committed to the client’s deals”, as the most important success factor. Albert has held this view throughout his carrier at Vinge, from the time when he was a student during the Vinge Week and when he worked as a summer intern, to his role as an associate and now as a partner. 

When Albert first walked into the Stockholm office during Vinge Week, he was not at all sure that it was business law that he wanted to practice. ”As a student you should try all possibilities, what you think is right at one time perhaps does not feel right the next moment”. Albert also describes how Vinge Week is a good opportunity to get an insight into an otherwise fairly difficult industry for students.

”I got a good insight into how a business law firm works in combination with what Vinge is like as a workplace”.

In addition to case exercises, lectures and the social activities during the week, these were things which Albert remembers as being particularly instructive. One of Vinge’s clients also held a presentation concerning what it was like from a client perspective and what they wanted in a legal adviser. This was a valuable perspective which still proves useful today.  

During his seven years as an associate, Albert worked with various clients and projects and all of which gave rise to unique challenges. He has also had the opportunity to see what practicing law is like in other parts of the world by being seconded from Vinge during a secondment at the European investment bank in Luxembourg and at an American law firm in New York and in London. The periods abroad were a fantastic opportunity which Albert puts high on the list of experience through the years. 

Albert states that the most important part of the job as a business lawyer at Vinge is the commitment to the client and the mutual trust which arises when you work towards the same goal in a particular project. It relates to, among other things, getting the client to dare to take well‑judged risks. ”I believe in risk reward. It is really a case of presenting the risk picture, where the advice should be in such a manner that it is risk‑free, but at the same time advising the client in respect of all risks which can be worth taking in certain situations. If you do not take any risks, then the upside is often limited.” 

Albert states how clients sometimes come to Vinge with only one vision. By working with the client and formulating concrete engagements and objectives in such cases, this results in the fact that Albert’s and his colleagues’ roles become much larger. For instance, it may be a small society construction project where we are included to a certain extent and influence what direction the project takes, and where you land up at the end of the day.

Vinge works with some of the interesting mandates within Swedish and international business law. Despite this, the best thing about working at Vinge is, according to Albert, the company culture.

”At Vinge we care about the individual, everyone is different, everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but each individual is allowed to develop on the basis of their individual circumstances. I feel that I personally make a difference because I am myself at the same time as I work in a team towards a common goal.”

He also describes the business commitment and characteristic aspect of Vinge, “everyone is driven and involved in the projects. We work a lot, but at the same time I feel as though I am part of an ambitious team”. 

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