Adam Sundqvist

The love of figures was decisive for Adam Sundqvist’s choice of profession and his boss’s drive and vision determined his choice of workplace. Substantial individual responsibility, many open doors, and a lot of fun means that Adam thinks that he is exactly where he should be in his role as a junior controller. 

“The financial information which I present to our partners is fundamental for many important decisions. Fee calculations, invoicing documentation, time sheets and profitability … the factual picture must match and we have daily contact with everybody involved in a project.

We are a resource which wants to offer a great service within an area which is extremely important for our partners and clients,” says Adam Sundqvist who is a junior controller in the finance department at Vinge in Stockholm.

After his bachelor’s degree and a few years’ work at, among other things, a bank and as a consultant, Adam was asked by a headhunting company if he wanted to go for interview at Vinge. It was not a difficult decision.

“I knew that Vinge was one of Sweden’s most prestigious law firms which placed significant demands on its employees but also had a great culture of helping and co‑operating with people. When I then met my current boss, the CFO Peter Eliason, I felt that this was the firm for me. This was partly due to all the good rumours I had heard but also due to the personal chemistry with Peter who is a fantastic boss; open, completely unpretentious, a man who reads people well and he is a really nice chap. My first impression of Vinge has only been strengthened during the almost two years that I have worked here.”

Adam currently works primarily with large transactions within M&A and sometimes it can be extremely stressful. But during the intensive work periods there is always help.

There are about 12 people in my department and there is always a lot to do. However, the phrase “I cannot help you” does not exit and all of the doors are open. A large part of the mandates that we deal with relate to finding solutions to issues from our clients and it feels good to be able to discuss thoughts and ideas with colleagues when required.

We also have a lot of fun together, eat dinner together quite often and several times per month we go to after work on Fridays.

Occasionally he takes his work home with him and work is still in the back of his mind when Adam sits down on the sofa to watch the weekend football matches.

“I spent almost an entire weekend thinking about an hourly rate structure with a lot of variables to take into account and finally I came up with a good arrangement. When I went into the office on Monday morning, I went straight to my whiteboard to see the solution in front of me. It was important for a large presentation and it is good to know that my Excel sheet is part of the discussion documentation and has been valuable for our firm.”

Adam Sundqvist’s aim is to become a controller and the development is completely in line with his expectations.

“I want to work with both internal and external reporting and my position today includes this. In addition, I have a lot of fun. We are an extremely good, dynamic group in the finance department who works well with the lawyers.”

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