Meet our people

Kristoffer Franzkeit

When Kristoffer walked into Vinge’s offices in southern Sweden in February 2013, his aim was to help business owners to build the major corporations of tomorrow. When the client is a new start-up, Kristoffer sees the lawyer’s role often as a combination of advisor and business developer. A lawyer’s input at this stage of the process can be invaluable to the company, and the chance to be involved in the early stages of a start-up is exactly what Kristoffer is passionate about.

Mercedes Anderås

When Mercedes Anderås started at Vinge in Gothenburg, she was initially hesitant. Would a heavy rock fan really fit in? She needn’t have worried. “Here you’re welcome just as you are,” says Mercedes, who is now a trustee specialising in real estate law.

Nils Alvång

Many people think of law as a strictly local profession. But Nils Alvång at Vinge’s Brussels office begs to differ. “It’s not limited to Sweden,” he says, adding that there are many similarities in legal systems around the world. Nils works internationally and therefore naturally works with large companies – companies that have a major impact on society in general.