Meet our people

Isabell Anstrin

For Isabell Anstrin, Vinge was a strike of luck which proved to be successful. She currently works as an assistant in Vinge’s dispute resolution group and enjoys constant challenges, a significant amount of individual responsibility and the possibility to make a...

Mercedes Anderås

When Mercedes Anderås started at Vinge in Gothenburg, she was initially hesitant. Would a heavy rock fan really fit in? She needn’t have worried. “Here you’re welcome just as you are,” says Mercedes, who is now a trustee specialising in real estate law.

Albert Wållgren

Albert Wållgren was in the sixth term of his LL.M. studies at Lund University when he participated in the very first round of Vinge Week in 2007. Today he is a partner at Vinge and together with a couple of partner colleagues he is responsible for his own team within the banking and finance practice group in Stockholm.

Kristoffer Franzkeit

When Kristoffer walked into Vinge’s offices in southern Sweden in February 2013, his aim was to help business owners to build the major corporations of tomorrow. When the client is a new start‑up, Kristoffer sees the lawyer’s role often as a combination of advisor and business developer.

Samra Baytar

Commerce has always interested Samra Baytar and as an M&A lawyer she is right in the thick of things. Negotiating and implementing client deals spurs her on just as much as solving difficult legal issues.

Adam Sundqvist

The love of figures was decisive for Adam Sundqvist’s choice of profession and his boss’s drive and vision determined his choice of workplace. Substantial individual responsibility, many open doors, and a lot of fun means that Adam thinks that he is exactly where he should be in his role as a junior controller.

Fredrika Hjelmberg

"Camp Vinge was a two-day investment – I learned an incredible amount about business law and Vinge, but also about myself”, says Fredrika and explains that Camp Vinge is significantly different from other forms of recruitment processes. In her opinion, the best thing about the process was the moot court negotiations, since “then I got a real chance to show what I could do".