For law students

Building a relationship with students is an important part of our work. Without dedicated, responsive, business-driven employees in the future, Vinge simply wouldn’t exist.

We understand it’s never easy to know exactly what you want to do before you’ve had a chance to try out a profession. Getting a taste of life at a business law firm while you’re studying can add a valuable extra dimension to your education. For this reason, we offer a number of ways for students enrolled in Swedish law programmes to get to know us better. Read more about the jobs and activities we offer in the Swedish‑language version of this site.

We do occasionally offer internships to international students who are not enrolled in a Swedish law programme. Are you ambitious, goal‑orientated, a good team player and keen to establish a career as an expert business lawyer in Sweden? Then seize the opportunity and send an application for an internship at Vinge to one of our HR contacts.