Competence Development

When you work as part of Vinge Business Support, virtually every day offers opportunities to be challenged in your career. Because of our broad general involvement in the firm’s projects, we are often expected to help out with new situations and challenges. The result is continuous development.

Knowledge exchange is part of the culture at Vinge, and we have many formal and informal opportunities to learn from each other, for instance through mentoring, internal seminars, workshops, or simply chatting during a coffee break. Working at one of the largest law firms in the Nordics, you also enjoy many opportunities to expand your expertise with new work tasks.

Realising your full potential

As well as day‑to‑day competence development, we take great care to ensure that all of Vinge’s 450 employees are able to develop to their full potential. This includes a thorough induction programme, as well as other forms of ongoing training such as interesting seminars, and the ability to take on work tasks with increasing responsibility – all according to your personal development plan, which you agree with your manager.

At Vinge, every day is different. And at the end of each day, you’re a little different too.

Welcome to Vinge.