Sustainability Report

As a business law adviser, Vinge plays an important role in both a business and a societal context. Our goal is to promote a good climate for companies and individuals as well as to safeguard responsible entrepreneurship and create sustainable business and societal benefit.

The sustainability work is based on our business operations – to provide the best legal advice to our clients. In order to be able to give them that type of advice, it is essential that we have a systematic work strategy in order to take care of, and develop, our employees as well as that we handle risks connected to our suppliers. In addition, we integrate the sustainability perspective into our advice, which contributes to handling a broad spectrum of risks.

Conducting responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship entails for us that we act ethically, that we promote good relations with affiliated parties, that we are a responsible employer and that we contribute to a well‑functioning society.

>Vinges Sustainability report 2019