Sustainability Report

As a leading commercial law firm, Vinge plays an important role in the business community and in society at large. The aim of our sustainability work is to create good, sustainable preconditions for companies and individuals, as well as to safeguard responsible business practices and benefit business and society in the long term.

For Vinge, operating a responsible and sustainable firm means acting ethically, encouraging good stakeholder relations, being a responsible employer and contributing to a wellfunctioning society. We believe that this approach provides long-term benefits to both business and society, with a positive impact on the organisation as well as the individual.

Vinge’s sustainability work is grounded in our business – to provide the best legal advice to our clients. We work with sustainability in our own internal operations, and we elucidate and advise our clients regarding sustainability issues.

Our social commitment focuses on co-operative initiatives where our skills and expertise may contribute to the growth and development of society and organisations, as well as individuals.

>Vinges Sustainability report 2021